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Simple Plan fans, the cat is out of the bag! Don’t know what we’re talking about? Hold onto your hats, cause this is just HUGE!

It’s been revealed that, yes indeed, Simple Plan will be releasing a book later this year! In celebration of the band’s 10th anniversary of “No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls”, the guys wanted to share the incredible journey that has brought them to where they are today, with the amazing fans and supporters! The book is going to be a massive combo of photo album, scrapbook, biography and exclusive look into the memories that the boys have been keeping since they got started over ten years ago.

Les Éditions La Presse will be releasing the book in November, in both French and English, and Simple Plan will be collaborating with journalist Kathleen Lavoie on the texts.

We’ll be revealing more news as it comes in, so watch out!